Dordogne - Perigord
Perigordian gourmet food

"Good food and good wine is heaven on earth" said Henri IV, the best loved of all French kings.
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Dordogne - Périgord

With its wines, cep mushrooms, truffles and preserved duck and goose, the Dordogne supplies nearly half of France’s finest products. The Périgord has always been a generous land, offering a wide variety of soils and, thus, of very different products from one canton to another.
These products have been blended, emulsioned, crushed or grated to offer us such dishes nowadays as foie gras, breast of duck with fresh figs, cep mushroom tart with herbs, soufflé with truffles or morel mushrooms, warm goat’s cheese with honey, walnut cake, crème brûlée with chestnuts…

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